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Table of Contents

By Jenn Morton! By Jenn Morton! Otaku. Def 1: Anime lover. Def 2: Social recluse. Both definitions = meHiya and welcome to my Table of Contents here! ^_^ I'm Dragongirl, dragon persona extraordinaire! I keep watch over the various webpages here. Let me explain them! The Complete Story Archive is where I keep all the stuff I've written over the years. (As a matter of fact, my name comes from the first serious fanfic I've ever written, which you can find in this section!) It's my pride and joy! I hope to get some of this stuff published someday, so keep an eye out for me! ^_~
In Artwork you'll find two sections, one for art I've drawn (except Digimon art, which is on my Digimon sites) and one for gift pictures drawn by my friends for me. I'm not much of an artist, but I love to try! And I've got some real artistic friends.
Gobrianna's Pokémon Fantasy Page is no longer updating. ;_; That's because I've grown out of Pokémon. But I used to be obsessed with it! You can check out the page for fun if you'd like.
If you collect The Lion King trading cards from Skybox, stop by my Lion King Trading Card Page and see if I can help you complete your collection! I'm quite agreeable, I assure you. ^_^
Next we have my two Digimon websites, Galaxy of 2: Cunomon and Lexxy, and Digimon Season 4: The Parallel Quest. I don't have time to update them often, but I'll keep going as long as I possibly can!
Gobrianna's Journey is the archive of all that has happened to one character in the online RPG I co-run, the Aliroo RPG. It's been going for four years now, so we have tons of stuff! Go there to read more about it.
My newest project is Twelve. I dunno where that'll end up, but for now you can see what I got!
Last is a few About Me sections. I've changed a bit over the years, as you can see from the different things I wrote at different ages. Well, that's all for now. You can contact me at if you'd like! I always love to chat! *waves* Wind under your wings, friends. Thanks for stopping by!